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Emirates Islamic gives away money and transfers it in just ONE minute!

We live in a world where one can earn money with single clicks on our desktops, or with single taps on our smartphones. It’s banks like Emirates Islamic that make that possible. Recently they launched a simple, one question contest on Facebook in a form of a Live App. Participants submitted their answers by reacting […]

It was an honor to be a part of Huawei Honor’s marketing efforts!

Honor is a sub-brand of the famous Chinese hardware manufacturer Huawei. Since its launch it plays a major role in Huawei’s promotional activations. Their series includes smartphones, tablets and wearables. As a part of their social media marketing action they gave the public a chance to win the Honor 9 Lite smartphone in a contest […]

Wizzair makes you think about holiday destination in the middle of March. We cannot wait either!

Wizzair is a Hungarian airline that attracts a lot of passengers aboard due to its great price-to-quality ratio. The brand recently surpassed the tipping point that is 3,000,000 Facebook fans. They turned to us at Live Apps to help them create a live Facebook video that would attract more fans and give the opportunity for […]

Have you ever seen a market research conducted on Facebook Live? Pepco did it with Live Apps Store!

Scroll, stop, like, scroll, stop, like, scroll, scroll. Most of the time, this is what our Facebook browsing looks like. The common phrase “I was just scrolling through my News Feed” (emphasis on scrolling) didn’t just come out of the blue. We rarely spend more than a few seconds on individual posts. This makes the […]

Lidl and Live Apps Store team up once again to run a giveaway!

Nowadays, simple clicks can have a big influence on our lives. A perfect proof of that statement could be shown by the contest organized by Lidl in Spain. To celebrate their 2M followers on Facebook, they decided to give away 200 gift cards. The course of the contest took place in a form of a […]

Pandora made their fans love the brand even more on Valentine’s Day wtih a Live App!

Brands in the fashion industry have it harder in the field of marketing and publicity – the typical approach is to make a celebrity the face of the brand and have a photoshoot of them wearing the products. This strategy makes it sort of difficult for the advertisements not to become monotonous, therefore ineffective and […]

Cosmote promoted their Christmas channel with a Crossword puzzle – a classic free-time entertainment idea!

Christmas time is divided in two opposing segments. The first segment consists of people on holidays, whose goal is to spend time enjoying the goods of life. The second one if filled by those, who provide the services necessary for the first segment to successfully reach that goal. While for some Christmas is all about […]

Sharing hopes and desires is what makes us one. Once again, Coca-Cola proves that feelings matter most!

The FIFA World CupTM Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola has started, and it is no joke. Fans around the world have a one-in-a-lifetime chance to see, with their own eyes, the most desired prize in football – the Trophy that will be given to the Cup’s winning country. The tour by Coca-Cola will cover 91 cities […]

The Wheel of Fortune uncovers awards… During yet another cooperation with Kamis!

Everyone has different memories and associations with Christmas. Apart from the regular ones such as Christmas songs, decorations, family time, we usually have some uncommon ones too. For some it’s the heat of a fireplace, the taste of their grandmother’s gingerbread, or… the smell of Christmas spices. The Wheel of Fortune designed for Kamis is […]

Asus promotes ZenFone 4 through Live Apps as no one has ever done before; will you jump at it?

If you were a PC games player in previous decades, it’s certain that you would have some sentiment to at least one of them. However, when it comes to technology, development of both hardware and software happens so fast that most of older games can be run on smartphones fluently. Over a dozen years ago, […]